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The death of Kobe and his daughter Gigi demonstrated how black men mourn and appreciate their children. It showed the world that black men are vulnerable and need support too. After Kobe’s death, #girldad started trending with pics of black men and their daughters. Of course, in the outrage and cancel culture we live in there was an immediate attempt to undermine his legacy based upon a past rape allegation. The #MeToo is necessary and women face real challenges and issues of harassment, violence, and discrimination. However, black men experience this too. Black men are demonized, sexualized and targeted. The stories of  Emmett Tills, the Central Park 5 and Brian Banks show black men are guilty if accused by white women, no matter the facts. Black men have to fight for their humanity at birth and even in death. 


What we cover in this episode 


  1. Why did Kobe’s death spark so much emotion with black men? 

  2. Black men and humanity

  3. Are Black men able to be vulnerable?

  4. The History of Black men being wrongly accused of rape



How can black women be more vulnerable and how can women support this?



 Kobe's death shows how hard it is to overcome stereotypes.


White Women and the black male stereotype. Story of Brian Banks


Kobe and  Me Too?


Dear White Women



Kobe not a god