Robert Greene is the author of five New York Times best sellers: Greene is known for his books on strategy, power, and seduction. He has written five international bestsellers: The 48 Laws of Power, The Art of Seduction, The 33 Strategies of War,  the 50th Law and Mastery. 

In this episode, we discuss Robert Greene’s latest book The Laws of Human Nature. Robert Greene’s Laws of Human Nature is a guide to decipher human behavior to avoid the pitfalls, toxic situations, destructive patterns and tribal tendencies we consistently fall prey too.  If you think our tribal nature is a relic of the past, Greene asks you to look at our nation and the world right now and think again. Think about how social media has pre-amplified the worst aspects of human nature. As Robert Greene tells us there is no point in opting out or ignoring our nature, it's better to be informed and self-aware. 

Learn how your attitude is a self-fulfilling prophecy and why Robert Greene finds the stories of 50 Cent and Jay Z more impactful and representative of the American Dream than Donald Trump or George W. Bush.




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10:00 - “The steps to rationality is recognizing you are irrational.” How can we avoid being irrational even when some as smart as Issac Newton fell prey to his own irrationality.

20:00 - Learning the importance of dealing with and deflecting envy: “Envy is a tax for success.” Don’t respond with emotions have some emotional distance from it.


25:00 - Avoiding toxic people: toxic people don’t go around with Neon saying I’m dangerous

People like Rockfella convinced themselves their individual harmful actions are necessary for the public good.


27:30 - How Social Justice Warriors disguised their dark side: when they believe so strongly in a cause it justifies being mean and nasty.

37:50 - Your attitude creates a self fulfilling prophesy.

51:00 - Robert's process and approach to writing


55:40 - Learn about personal stories from his jobs in Hollywood  that inspired the 48 Laws of Power in particular learn about the personal experience that led to Law 7 let someone else do the work but take credit. and the Laws of Human Nature.


60:30 - People bring the character they have to the position they occupy or the religion they practice. A person can be a loving Christian or progressive and still be a tyrant at heart.


63:50 - About why people like Jay Z and 50 cent represent the AMERICAN dream more than others we tend to celebrate.


69:00 - On the obstacles and failures he faced when started writing and what consistent trait that leads people from difficult backgrounds to achieve greatness.


73:00 - On why success especially early success is very dangerous and can be your worse enemy.


79:50 - On  what Parents can learn from Phil Jackson and Warren Buffet on how to raise kids.


82:20 - On how the When They See Us documentary tells us about how to avoid hyper certainty and group think. The more certain you are on your ideas the more likely you are being irrational.


86:10 - Learning how to Distinguish good charismatic leaders like Martin Luther King or Malcom X v. demagogues like Hitler.




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